• Your company is in the tendering or pre-tendering phase for a major contract.
  • Your competitors are known to you.
  • The decision making process within your customer’s organisation is complex. You know the departments involved and their key interests, but the outcome of the internal discussions is extremely difficult to predict.
  • You want to prepare your offer in such a way, that it will have the highest probability of success when compared to your competitors.


We will conduct a workshop together with you and your team. During this workshop we will simulate in several runs approximately 16,000 times the decision making process of your potential customer, using our Fuzzy Logics Software. During this process we will not only take into account the positioning of your competitors, but also the level of influence of various stakeholders on behalf of the customer. The system determines the rate of success of your offer within the respective framework. This offer can then be optimised in several runs, in order to create an offer with the highest calulated probability of success.


Advantages of the classic business wargaming approach

Additional benefits using a fuzzy logic based business wargaming approach

  • Your offer team analyses the potential offer of the various competitors in depth
  • Detailed analysis and common understanding of the roles and interests of the decision makers within the client’s organisation
  • Due to the high number of decision runs, the relative importance of the different aspects of the offer becomes transparent
  • Objective comparison of your offer with that of your competitors
  • Optimisation of your proposal by being able to test various alternatives objectively

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