M&A Support

M&A Support

We support two process steps within the M&A process: The identification and analysis of potential M&A targets prior to the start of a formal due diligence.

Examples from previous projects​


Identification of m&a targets in the aviation industry

Our client intends to enter the aero engine tubing market via M&A. HORUS analysed the market for aircraft engines, including the order books of the engine OEMs Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whittney and GE. Also categorising all aviation suppliers of the OEMs Boeing and Airbus, identifying potential companies of interest.


Analysis of potential m&a targets in the packaging industry

Our client wants to expand its portfolio in the biopharma sector. HORUS carried out deep dive analyses on three potential takeover candidates. These analyses included ownership structure, key figures, organisation and employees, product portfolio, customer base and future potential.