Supplier Intelligence


The Corona crisis, as well as the conflict in the Ukraine have shown how vulnerable the supply chains of European corporations are. As a result of the pandemic, shortages and delays in delivery arose for a rather simple product – semiconductors, which led to production losses in various industries, such as commercial vehicle production, elevators, cranes, just to name a few. The interruption of the wiring system production in Ukraine due to the war is having an additional negative impact on automotive production in Germany, which in turn has a knock-on effect on other industries, such as steel production for example.

Examples from previous projects​

Analysis of the effects of the russia / ukraine conflict on the steel industry:

As part of the project, the level of dependence of individual European steel manufacturers on raw material deliveries from Russia and Ukraine was analysed. Additionally, the effects of the disruption of the wiring-system production in Ukraine was investigated as well. Particularly the question of how quickly deliveries from the Ukraine can be substituted from other locations was examined.